MR. RIGHT - Review

R | 1h 30min | Action, Comedy, Romance 
Review - Matt Mungle

**Now in theaters**

SynopsisA girl falls for the "perfect" guy, who happens to have a very fatal flaw: he's a hitman on the run from the crime cartels who employ him.

Review:  When I first saw the trailer and poster for MR. RIGHT I was a bit concerned about the chemistry of the two stars. Though I am a devoted fan of both Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick I didn't know how I would take them as an onscreen duo. Of course my worries were in vain; because they nail it. 

Martha (Kendrick) is a young lady who has the worst luck with guys. If there is a wrong one out there she will pick him. When she bumps into - literally - "Mr. Right" (Rockwell) his quirky demeanor and psychotic behavior should be an instant red flag. But instead she is totally smitten, and likewise him with her. The two begin a relationship that is equal parts romance and 'run and hide'. Martha is drawn to his open nature and how he seems to not care what people think about him. His dry wit and goofiness fuel her attraction. As the story progresses he tells her what he does for a living but she thinks he is just making up funny stories. Never does she realize that he is telling her the truth. It is that far fetched in her mind. He has never met anyone like Martha and is willing to give it all up for her if they can both stay alive long enough. 

Rockwell as a slightly off kilter hitman is awesome. He has given us many memorable characters throughout his career from the whacky to the endearing. But few times has he seemed so at ease with the dialogue and movements as with this one. The confidence in which he takes each step makes the character dynamic. But at the same time he embraces the silly psychotic persona and folds it in seamlessly. So what we get is a unique gun for hire that you want more and more of. Half way through the movie I was already dreaming of a sequel. 

Kendrick has shown she can do comedy as well as romantic roles. Most of her characters are easily recognizable as Anna. She can be brainy or clueless and yet the central core is all Kendrick. In this film she not only spars wittingly with Rockwell but compliments his character with her own. There is a chemistry with them that sizzles naturally. They do a dance that is seductive and fun to watch. You want them to end up together just to see what sort of shenanigans they will get into next. 

The script is a solid blend of romance, comedy, and action. Unlike most hitman movies this one makes no attempt to hide the humor under a cloak of hardened criminals. It wants you to laugh with it and at it. And you will. Also it is very gender neutral. It isn't a split movie where the guys will like the action and the girls the romance. It blends so well that everyone can enjoy it all. 

MR. RIGHT is rated R for violence and language throughout. It is an adult film and earns the R rating. There is a fair share of blood and battles. The language is foul but these are not alter boys. All of the elements fit the narrative and personas of the characters. I give it 4 out of 5 Elmer Fudd guns. It is no award winner or advancement in cinematic majesty but it is a heck of a lot of fun to watch with characters you can't get enough of. 


Wrestlemania 32 Official Blog

9:37 WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Triple H vs Roman Reigns  - The Rock quickly got the crowd amped as he strutted his way, flame thrower in hand, to the ring to kick off this event.

I think the fans are ready to bring this night to a thrilling conclusion. Mania is an understatement.

9:15 The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal Growing up loving and cheering for the gente giant it is touching to watch this match. No one ruled the ring like Andre. The Big Show was a favorite until Shaquille O'Neil showed up. The stand off in the middle of the ring ended with them both going over. Big surprise.

The rest is just a good time to take a bathroom break and regroup after the Hell in the Cell match.

8:35 - Hell in a Cell Match - Undertaker vs Shane McMahon There is a lot riding on this. The legacy of Undertaker and the legacy of Shane. RAW is on the line and Shane can take control of the whole thing.

This will be remembered as the jump heard round the wrestling world. McMahon jumping 20+ feet from the top of the cell and smashing through a table below. Undertaker carries him to the rng and pins him with an easy 3 count. But McMahon showed that the heart of a champion does what he has to.

8:00 - Triple Threat Match - Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch. These three ladies will battle to own the brand new WWE Women's Championship belt.

Snoop Dogg is here with Sasha and of course Ric Flair with Charlotte. Lot of pretty faces down there.. well and Snoop.

Whoever walks away with this belt earned it. Just when you think you have the win a person screws it up.

Charlotte wins her Nature Boy Dad's approval with a win and the new belt!

7:31 - No Holds Barred Street Fight - Dean Abrose vs Brock Lesnar As intense as the first matches were I can not imagine what a No Holds Barred match has in store.. well as they start beating each other with all sort of implements of destruction.

Well the match lived up to the name. Chairs, smoke bombs, chain saws, 13 suplexes, and a barbed wire wrapped stick all made it in the ring. But in the end The Beast Brock Lesnar could not be beaten.

7:20 - Just as The League of Nations was celebrating their win STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN and SHAWN MICHAELS show up unannounced and totally take control of the ATT Stadium. They give the LON an official 3:16 butt kicking. This place exploded with cheers and on your feet excitement. That was mind blowing.

7:05 - WWE Tag Team Championship - The New Day vs The League of Nations - The New Day won my vote when they came out dancing to the Booty-o's tune. Part Mardi Gras and part Coolio on steroids, these guys are fun to watch. The League of Nations may not have the flash and finesse but they are focused. Regardless it is going to be hard to get the belt from the booty.

But looks like The New Day will be crying in their bowl of Booty-o's tomorrow. I blame it on the trombone.

6:40 - AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho - The intensity slows down as these two battle for little more than bragging rights. AJ Styles looks like a Backstreet Boy and Jericho could be a stand in for Keifer Sutherland. They are both pretty enough to win the WWE Women's belt.

This one is back and forth with some antics and facial expressions geared to get the crowd in a frenzy.

Maybe the ref should just count to 2..

In the end Jericho puts Style's lights out. AJ is probably still laying there.

6:10pm - THE LADDER MATCH. - 7 guys enter the ring as 5 ladders wait out side the ropes. The objective is to be the first guy to get a ladder moved to the middle of the ring, climb it, then get the Belt. Lots of chances for acrobatics and injuries. Not to mention all the side rivalries going on.

Looks like it is going to be a street brawl between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.. then The Miz brings some misery. But in the end it is Zack Ryder.

6:pm - 5th Harmony singing America The Beautiful kicked things off tonight at 6pm CT at ATT Stadium. This crowd is ready for a night of intensity, upsets, and new champions

WrestleMania 32 is kicking off and you can refresh this blog for all my snarky commentary and lack of Wrestling knowledge.