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Review - Matt Mungle - @themungle

Opens in Dallas Thursday, April 23 7:15pm as part of the 45th Annual USA Film FestivalPlus opens for a theatrical release at the Angelika Dallas and Plano on April 24. The director, Frédéric Tcheng will be conducting Q&As at both screenings.
There are a few places mere mortals seldom get a chance to visit. Much less get a first hand, personal, in-depth view of. One of those is the Christian Dior fashion house. In DIOR AND I we get the privileged of meeting the staff along with the new artistic director Raf Simons as he prepares for his first haute couture collection.

This film is like Project Runway on steroids. It takes behind-the-scenes to extreme and offers every aspect of its house to the viewer.  Simons has an amazing eye for not only fashion but editing. We stand alongside him as he painstakingly eyes each piece. Cutting here, pinning there; always on the lookout for the next forward thinking piece.

The pressure is on Raf as he has the burden of proving himself in a house that has gained the reputation of delivering the creme of Couture. How do you lead a team that speak a language you are not completely versed in? Raf must find out as his French is not his strong point. But he speaks the language of clothing better than anyone and at the end of the day that is the only thing that counts.

It is both intriguing and captivating to watch the team race against the clock to get everything ready for the runway. Full of humor, tension, and some of the most cutting edge designs ever seen, this film is a must see for anyone with a bent for this lucrative industry.

You will wonder why they would put themselves through such stressful situations and work so vigorously on something that is so open to scrutiny. Then you see the finished product and it all makes sense.

A colorful and fascinating look at the house of Dior.

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