The A Plate

NR  |   |  Comedy Romance
Review - Matt Mungle

THE A PLATE, a raunchy look at car salesmen and the women who tolerate them, is now on VODD
We all have had to deal with car dealerships and the annoying buying process. There is a stigma that follows those who work there and this film takes a decent stab at elevating those stereotypes to hilarious heights.   

Jay Roth (Shane Jacobsen) is the sales manager at a mid level car dealership. He has the talent and personality to be successful but what he truly wants is to be the dealer. The top guy. To get the car with the A-Plate. When the owner (Sam McMurray) of the car dealership he works for gets caught up in a nasty divorce Jay  thinks he might have found a way in. But things get real complicated when Jay falls for the owner's daughter (Julie Ann Emery).  

This film is as ridiculous as it is funny. Full of oddball characters and implausible scenarios that are there simply to give the characters a reason to be despised. Everyone is sleeping with everyone else and you often wonder if any cars are being sold at all. The film though is more about the behind the scene antics of the employees and that is where it keeps its focus. 

The cast is comfortable together and obviously have fun taking the roles to the limit. Sam McMurray (Raising Arizona, Christmas Vacation) is an amazing funny man with a long pedigree of memorable characters. His wife is played by Priscilla Barnes and older audiences will love seeing this Three's Company blond back on screen. Julie Ann Emery is currently tearing it up on Better Call Saul. So all of these familiar faces add to the appeal of this adult comedy. 

And it is very adult. The language and bed hopping is in no way intended for younger viewers or those watching in awkward mixed company. It is not rated by the MPAA but contains strong language, nudity, sexual content and drug use. So be aware of that going in. If you want a funny comedy that you can chill out on the couch and watch it will certainly serve that purpose. 

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