New Blu-ray and DVD Releases - Tuesday July 07, 2015

SYNOPSIS: Maggie and her father hoped to escape the worst of the zombie apocalypse. They hoped that their rural home on their farm would keep them safe from the rampaging hoards in the cities. However, that hope comes crashing down as Maggie manages to get infected by the disease that started the out break in the first place. Racing against time, Maggie's father tries to keep his daughter safe and find some way to keep her from becoming part of one the mindless zombie hoards.

REVIEW: Zombie's have a strong selling point when it comes to TV and movies. The walking dead are both intriguing and terrifying. The thought of something turning you or your loved one into an unstoppable monster that must be destroyed is scary. They still resemble the person you once knew but gone is any sense of human understanding and connection.  That is what Wade and Maggie are facing. Once she starts to show signs of turning it is just a matter of time. How do you spend the last days? At what point do you give your child over to a government that is going to show no sort of compassion? As a child what do you expect your parents to do? So many questions are faced in a film that is more emotional and intellectual than it is horror driven. READ MORE


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