Being Evel - Dallas International Film Festival

Being Evel
USA, 2015, 100 min., Color & B/W

The film plays Tuesday 4/14 at 7:15pm as part of the Dallas International Film Fest - Documentary Showcase. Tix and information is available at dallasfilm.org

Matt Mungle - @themungle

For all of us who ever owned the Evel Knievel wind up stunt cycle and the van this documentary holds a special place. Evel was our superhero in the 70s. He was a rock star and a daredevil. He was doing things no one else was.

This film is a wonderful watch for fans and sports enthusiasts. Not just the jumping and stunts but the way Evel became the superstar. He was a salesman and marketing genius. He created his own popularity and went from a no name Montana kid to a world wide sensation.

Full of commentary by sports casters, entertainers and family members we finally get a look into this crazy motorcycle guy. For those of us who grew up in the 70s it is also a walk down memory lane seeing all the specialty shows and clips of him on Johnny Carson. That was a very special era and makes a fabulous backdrop to the film.

You truly forget what a celebrity phenom Evel was. He was everywhere. Movies, TV, social events. This film is a great reminder of a man who was a reality show before reality shows were the norm.

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