Don't Look In The Basement 2 - Dallas International Film Festival

Don't Look In The Basement 2
USA, 2015, 88 min., Color + B/W

The film plays Tonight 4/16 at 10:15pm as part of the Dallas International Film Fest - Texas Competition. Tix and information is available at dallasfilm.org

Matt Mungle - @themungle

Local Texas filmmaker Anthony Brownrigg brings us a fun, throwback, thriller that offers up some chills and scares all blended with that recognizable, tongue in cheek Brownrigg humor.

This follow up to 1973's Don't Look in the Basement (The Forgotten) takes place at Green Park Clinic as Dr. William Matthews (Andrew Sensenig) is getting settled in to his new gig. When an unexpected transfer patient arrives he brings with him an eerie force that begins to take over the other patients and staff. Has the spirit that caused all those grizzly murders years before returned? If we are lucky.

It is only proper that Anthony write and direct this flick considering his dad directed the first one. What a great way to carry on the legacy then with a film that builds upon the original while stamping it with the signature Brownrigg style. It is modern but still feels like the horror (Anthony calls it a thriller but he might be a bit too twisted to judge) films I would rent every weekend on VHS as a kid. There is the stoic doctor and the slightly off based residents. The urban legends about the facility told in hushed tones around a table in dark lit rooms. There is the sense of forboding that oozes from the walls. It is all there in this one.

Plus it is a very special treat for Dallas film lovers as we get to see two of our hometown faves in this one. Frank Mosely and Arianne Margot both play Drs on staff at Green Park. They can sense that something is afoot but may be powerless to keep the evil at bay.

The rest of the cast is perfect and each bring that subtle wink that lets you know they are having a good time freaking us out. Congrats to Megan Emerick (Co-Writer, Asst. Producer, actress) and the rest of the gang for offering up some chill filled goodness at this years fest. And a special thanks to Anthony for finishing what his dad always wanted to but didn't have the chance.What a great gift to be given.

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Anonymous said...

The Kid Screaming in the photo you see is Chester Rushing, from Chester
Rushing Band. It was an honor for us to be a part of "Don't look in the Basement" Anthony was a pleasure to meet. He is surly one of the up and coming Directors in the independent film industry.