Siren - Review

R  |  93 min  |  Drama Thriller
Review - Matt Mungle

**DVD and Digital August 18**

Synopsis: The dark modern fairy tale tells of a woman who has the uncanny ability to appear to each man as his heart's desire. Leigh (Vinessa Shaw) has had to live a reclusive life secluded in her family home. She has some potent pheromones that do a number on any male she encounters. When a drifter named Guy (Robert Kazinsky) shows up and is unaffected by her scent Leigh immediately takes a liking to him; grateful to have a normal relationship.

Review:  SIREN has an interesting concept and for the most part delivers some entertaining moments. There were elements that should have been fleshed out more and at times I felt as if the story wasn't as secure with itself as it could have been. Many key components were glossed over and never explained. The origin of her condition was vague and a tad polluted. One of the strong selling points was how men would see her differently and fall madly in love. These men were shown in past tense and it was never used to the audiences advantage.

There are some good twists and turns in the relationship between Leigh and Guy which makes it a lean more toward romance than dramatic thriller. Shaw does a convincing job with the script she is given. Luckily for the majority of the film we see her as her normal self and not as the other men see her. She is striking on her own and her casual good looks help the character appear more real and not a Hollywood by-product. It is ironic in that men would fall for her just as hard if they saw her as she actually is.

Bottom Line: As renters go you might do far worse. Just be prepared for a lot of slow paced dialogue and minuscule plot movement. There is little in the way of excitement or edge of your seat thrills. I hate to use the term boring but much of it sadly was. This could have been a dark and steamy outing. And I think it wanted to be. It just didn't know how to go about it.

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