Arianna - Review - DIFF2016

Italy, 2015, 84 min., Color, Italian (with English subtitles)
1h 24min | Drama | NR 18+
Review - Matt Mungle

Angelika Film Center Friday 4/15 4:45pm
Angelika Film Center Wednesday 4/20 4:45pm

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SynopsisCarlo Lavagna’s debut feature, ARIANNA, unfolds like a classic film mystery set in the the gorgeous Italian countryside. Arianna is nineteen years old and still hasn’t had her first period. She’s starting to notice that she hasn’t physically matured like other girls. Arianna becomes more suspicious of her condition and her parents which leads up to surprise conclusion that will shock audiences as much as it shocks Arianna herself.

Review:  Foreign dramas are always a much anticipated staple at the Dallas International Film Festival. This years first offering is a beautifully shot and fantastically acted piece about one girl's self discovery. Set in the lavish Italian countryside with rich textures and natural dialogue ARIANNA is captivating and engrossing. 

Ondina Quadri stars as the nineteen year old Arianna. Fabulously she controls her character with an awkward rhythm and shy curiosity. It is instantly apparent that something is not quite honest about her parents. The secret obviously holds answers to Arianna's condition. But the film never feels rushed. The audience is content to allow the story to progress at its own pace. We know we will get there in due time. Even as the tension builds and clues appear we aren't anxious about the outcome. 

There is just the right amount of organic story telling and mystery to make this worthy of a festival ticket. - Matt Mungle

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