Occupy, Texas - Review DIFF 2016

1h 33min | Comedy, Drama, Family 
Review - Matt Mungle

Angelika Film Center Friday 4/15 7:30pm 
Angelika Film Center Saturday 4/16 11:45am

SynopsisSeven years after the height of Occupy Wall Street, Beau Baker is still raging against the machine—from a tent—in a New York City alley. When his uncle tracks him down and informs him of his parents' tragic death, Beau packs up his things and heads home to Texas to take care of his family affairs and two sisters who aren’t sure what to think of their long lost brother.

Review:  Death is the greatest equalizer. How we handle it and how it changes the path of our lives is sobering. Gene Gallerano wrote and stars in OCCUPY, TEXAS, a brilliantly scripted and endearingly acted film about one guys quick trip to maturity.  

When Beau (Gallerano) is thrust back into polite society to take care of his two younger sisters he tries hard to continue his blatant disregard for all things conformist. But as the fog clears and his eyes open he discovers a lost season and begins to take stock of what is left. It is a powerful story but lots of humor and endearing banter take much of the weight off it; in light of the elements. 

The film introduces us to the young actress Catherine Elvir who plays Beau's youngest sister, Arden. If Beau has any ally at all it is Arden. Elvir gives us a character you immediately engage with. She has lost her parents and desperately wants to cling to something. Beau offers a fun escape from reality. His other sister Claire (Lorelei Linklater) is not as open to this vagabond crashing her world. She is lost in an angst filled world of suppression and anger. The three of them are a triangle of grief each with a different way of coping. 

This is a perfect addition to the Dallas Film Festival. Lots of familiar Dallas landmarks and a home grown feel make it a must see. 

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